Business Viability Assessment

A business viability assessment determines the likelihood of a business succeeding, given assumptions regarding its existing and projected capital structure. Through the identification of benchmarks, the viability of a business's market, management, finance and overall business model is measuralbe. The complexity of the assessment is dependent on the size and scope of the business model. A Business Viability Assessment will vary from company to company and from industry to industry.

Asset Recovery

An asset recovery situation requires the ability to understand stakeholder's various interests and rights and the range of options available for recovery. When a company is underperforming or in distress, lenders and creditors may seek loan recovery services to maximize their recovery and return on investment. An unclear strategy for loan recovery is costly and time-consuming. Setanta Capital has the ability to provide expert guidance to lenders and company stakeholders with regard to asset and business sales and to converting assets to cash to repay debts on both a going concern and a break-up basis.


Liquidating a business is the last resort for lenders but may represent the only option for recovering loans from a distressed companies. This process needs to be managed professionally to ensure the maximum return to secured and unsecured creditors.