Private Equity Firms

Setanta Capital is a natural choice for private equity and venture capital funds. Setanta Capital's industry experience enable its team to quickly pinpoint root causes of underperformance in any functional area, and to recommend or implement the tactics needed to correct the problems. Private equity fund managers turn to Setanta Capital for the following services:

Operational Assessments.

When fund managers suspect that one of their investments is running into difficulty, Setanta Capital can provide the health check-up that prevents disturbing symptoms from turning into major disasters.

Due diligence on prospective investments.

When fund management resources are stretched. With our extensive knowledge of business processes, performance metrics, management, marketing, manufacturing and other operational areas, Setanta Capital can be your valuable partner in exploring potential investments.

Interim management.

When a search for a key position in an investment is prolonged. Setanta Capital professionals have either worked in C level positions in industry or upper management in Fortune 500 companies, in addition to having extensive consulting experience.

Valuation and expert witness services.

when independent analysis or testimony is warranted. Setanta Capital is ready to value assets being considered for sale, purchase or reorganization. Related services include solvency and fairness opinions.